Using Wire Partitions in a Warehouse

Wire Partitions in PA, NJ, DEWhen your warehouse requires separation, but does not require a separate room to be built. If that’s the case, adding some wire partitions can represent the best possible solution.

Adding a wire partition gives you the ability to maintain temperatures, control costs and improve security. Here’s how:

High Security

Your warehouse is designed to keep goods secure, but some products need more security than others. In these cases, wire partitions can provide you an added level of security.

Wire partitions can easily be reconfigured into a cage-like shape, allowing you to safely store hazardous chemicals, bulky tools, or to create a space to keep your dumpsters free from visits from animals. If you’re in an industry that requires products to be under lock and key all the time, such as the pharmaceutical sector, a wire partition can provide you with convenience and security.

Employee safety

Wire partitions are sturdy creations, allowing you to put in added security measures throughout your facility to keep your workers and your equipment safe. For example, you can put a partition around a dangerous piece of equipment, or along stairs and mezzanines to prevent falls.

Or you can install a partition around a network server, to allow for proper air flow while also protecting against damage.


Traditional rooms are inflexible, requiring you to demolish old walls to build new ones. With wire partitions, you can simply expand them, take down some of them, or change their overall arrangement relatively easily. This flexibility lets you stay on top of the changes your company will eventually go through, even years down the road and in uncertain times.

Cost Control

The costs of building a new room inside your warehouse can be significant. From installing heating and cooling ducts to demolishing old areas, installing a new room might cost more than you’re willing to spend. Even in cases where you can hire someone for a reasonable rate, it’s hard to substantially reduce the costs of buying new materials and hauling away construction debris.

But when you use wire partitions, you can keep your costs under control because the amount of materials used is small. In addition, there is virtually no waste of materials, as the room will be relatively unaltered. And you do not need to have any old materials hauled away, since you are not doing any significant demolition to the existing structure.

Easy Identification of Contents

One of the key issues that many warehouses face is managing inventory. Going through a computer system can be cumbersome and take a long time. Wire partitions allow you to see past them and know what is in each area.

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