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Wire Decks for Pallet Rack

Wire Decks for Pallet RacksNashville Wire Products is a manufacturer of wire decks used as pallet rack decks to safely protect pallets or loose cartons from falling through the openings between beams. Extremely easy to install; simply drop them in place on your existing pallet racks. These wire pallet rack decks provide enhanced visibility of your inventory and allow for superior light penetration than solid racks, making your facility brighter.

Nashville features a “quick ship” program, stocking three standard wire deck depths of 36”, 42” and 48” and three lengths of 46” 52” and 58” which can be utilized on all common beam lengths.

Material Handling Containers

These folding wire containers have a 4-way entry for easy use with fork trucks and convenient drop gate uncomplicated access to products. Capacities up to 4000 lbs. Custom sizes are also available.

Wire Mesh Roll Carts

These collapsible, four-shelf carts are designed for shipping, display or manufacturing. Wire mesh carts feature caster brakes and nameplates. Dimensions are 48” x 32” x 59” which can be shipped flat or fully-assembled.

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