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Wire shelving is used throughout a wide variety of commercial and industries, including the foodservice, retail and healthcare arenas. With options that include stainless steel galvanized shelving and chrome shelf units, the products are highly durable and can withstand large amounts of weight. In addition, wire shelving is easy to assemble, adjustable to your specific needs, and is oftentimes available with add-on units that enable them to be expandable. Optional accessories can include baskets, dividers, ledges and shelf liners, allowing the shelving to be further customized according to your unique requirements.

Discount shelving can be a major benefit to your company – it allows you to get the organization and convenience of the storage solutions at a price that doesn’t break your budget. It can also enable you to buy more shelving for your money than you originally thought possible.

Warehouse Wire Shelving System

Discount Wire Shelving and wire racks PA & NJ

At Greystone Equipment Company, we offer a 40% discount on all round post wire shelf unites, as well as chrome, stainless or epoxy coated units from Eagle Group, Nexel or Lakeside. You can view our large inventory of discount wire shelving systems manufactured by these three outstanding companies to find the storage solutions perfect for you and your business.

We make it a point only to distribute and install the best products for our clientele. If a manufacturer does not meet our stringent standards for quality, we will not offer its equipment to you. The Eagle Group’s broad range of shelving equipment, which includes discount shelving, carts and worktables, is manufactured in the U.S. and must pass the company’s exclusive 10-point Quality System. Nexel is an international material handling and storage equipment manufacturer that is known for producing outstanding quality merchandise, such as shelving units with anti-microbial protection and a lifetime warranty against corrosion and rust. Lakeside products are made in the United States and include some of the best standard-, medium- and heavy-duty stainless steel utility carts that are constructed with electronically welded shelves.

Adjustable Wire Shelving Racks PA & NJ

No matter how big or small your storage requirements, we’ve got you covered! You’ll find cost-effective steel wire shelving solutions that includes carts with caster wheels for easy mobility, racks with adjustable shelves and much more.

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