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Roll Out Pallets Rack Mount


Amongst the different elements of handling and storage equipment that we’ve developed, we have the Roll Out Pallet. This product responds to your reality by increasing execution speed all the while optimizing space and safety. Your inventory is a crucial element in the production process, and its importance is paramount. As a result, the Roll Out Pallet will easily give access to your material and greatly facilitate the gathering process and management of your inventory. Hence, the Roll Out Pallet units are durable and well suited to your handling and storage needs.

Greystone Equipment Roll Out Pallets Rack Mount
Roll Out Pallets Rack Mount Bases

Roll Out Pallets Floor Mounted


Hand picking is now made easier with the Roll Out Pallet installed directly on the floor and sliding the material out of the rack. Safe and efficient they roll on tracks installed on the floor so no one can take them out of the place. Made out of thick steel and heavy duty rollers, they withstand the harshest environments. The standard brake system securely holds the Roll Out Pallet in place when the lift is loading it. No more dangerous handling. Additionally, since you no longer need to crawl under to access your material, you can gain the extra space by lowering first level of beams.

Roll Out Pallets Floor Mounted

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