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Custom Plastic Fabrication 

Unifuse LLC‘s process creates containers with variable wall thickness providing the most crack and puncture resistant product available. Parts are manufactured using Vibrational Molding (VIM). Unifuse uses 100% virgin polyethylene (PE) FDA/USDA grade powders that form in and over aircraft quality aluminum molds under moderate heat. With virgin resins that have never been processed, VIM produces a product that has no stress lines and is virtually indestructible.

One of the great advantages of this process is that the tooling charges are just a fraction of injection, extrusion, thermoforming, blow or rotational molding. This makes it affordable to order parts in small quantities. Unifuse VIM has demonstrated success and effectiveness in the healthcare and pharmaceutical markets, as well as food service, material handling and OEM. Please contact us for further details and visit for additional information.

Features & Benefits
Made in the USA
100% Recyclable
Unique Shapes & Sizes
Low Tooling Costs
FDA/USDA Grade Resin
Resistant to corrosive materials
Temperature Resistant
Steam Cleanable

Safety First – Safety Three Step Custom Plastic Stool

custom fabricated plastic steps in PA & NJ





Custom Plastic Health and Hospital Totes

custom fabricated plastic totes



Fabricated Plastic Tote Boxes

custom fabricated plastic tote boxes



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