Wire Decking vs. Pallet Supports

example of wire deckingIn the pallet rack support game, there are two main contenders: wire decking and pallet supports. Compelling arguments can be made on behalf of each solution, but your choice may ultimately depend on your intended use. If you’re shopping for wire decking, consider which solution is best for your facility.

Why you should invest in either decking or supports:

  • The cost is minimal in either case.
  • Each will prevent injury.
  • Each will minimize product damage.

Wire Decking

Fans of wire decking are quick to point out their statistically better protection of products, compared to pallet supports. However, this additional coverage under your racks may, in some scenarios, be overkill. If you don’t frequently store loose products on your racks, you’ll rarely have anything “slipping through the cracks.” If this flexibility would benefit your facility, wire decking may be your preferred solution.

Certainly, it can be said that wire decking is the safer option in terms of protecting staff working under shelves. Once again, this consideration may only pertain to certain use cases and facility configurations.

Pallet Supports

Because pallet supports are sparser in their area of coverage, they require your pallets to be in sturdy condition. Any facility manager or worker can attest to the gradual wear pallets experience over time. The gaps that exist between pallet supports can magnify the issues created if you’re using old and worn pallets.

A rack reinforcement strategy built around pallet supports will help you keep weight evenly distributed across each individual pallet. This will encourage longer overall pallet life. You’ll also benefit from protection against pallets accidentally sliding between racks. If your loads are predictable and uniform in their size and shape, you’ll very possibly do just fine using pallet supports.

Some additional considerations

In nearly every case, there will be no legal requirements that your warehouse implement pallet support or wire decking in PA.

You’ll only be required to use decking if there is traffic under a rack. However, for reasons addressed above, you’ll likely implement a solution of some kind anyway. After all, your employees’ safety is important. Plus, any material and installation costs will be paid for over time in prevented product damage.

Also be aware that pallet supports and wire decking are not intended as additional reinforcement for your racks. They will not enable you to load more weight onto your racks either. If your rack system is over-burdened, an additional investment in supports will not prevent your larger overloading issue.

Regardless of the decking or support solution you envision working best in your warehouse, Greystone Equipment has a wide variety of options in stock. Contact a Greystone product specialist today. Their friendly team will help you decide which solution will work best to suit your needs.