How Does a Mezzanine Installation Increase Space in Your Warehouse?

Cogan Mezzanine Installation in PA

A mezzanine installation may seem like an unnecessary step, but often this is one of the best things you can do to increase the amount of space in your warehouse.

While adding an extra floor can be too much of an engineering challenge, mezzanine installation is relatively simple. As well, this type of partial extra floor does not impede your operation in areas where the primary floor needs ample height.

More and Better Storage

A mezzanine adds storage space to your warehouse because it adds an extra level in the most economical way possible. By adding a platform, you can increase the amount of what you store in much the same way as adding shelves, only this is a shelving system that your workers can walk on safely.

The use of a mezzanine level also allows you to keep your storage area nearest to where you are going to load or unload the merchandise, so you can keep merchandise moving into and out of your warehouse at the pace it needs to move.

Offices with Ease

Using a mezzanine floor for offices allows you to insulate your offices from the noise of the shop floor, which can be useful when you have conferences or calls that require quiet. Warehouses are notorious for being loud places, and having an extra floor that is separate from the one below can help to keep a professional air with less noise and more ability to communicate easily among the office workers.

Cost Effectiveness in Action

Adding an entirely new floor in the traditional way to an existing building is a time-consuming, expensive and architecturally challenging endeavor. This kind of traditional floor addition also tends to require adding the new floor to every part of the building, which can be difficult in a warehouse situation.

By contrast, mezzanine installation is a process that is reasonably simple to do, and can be customized to precisely the amount of extra floor space you want to add to your warehouse. The ability to decide where you need extra flooring allows you to tailor the amount of capital you are willing to invest, so you can add flooring selectively over time as your cash flow allows it. Instead of spending a large amount of money on adding an entire floor, you can add some extra flooring now and some more later to precisely where they will be most beneficial.

Using Vertical Space Efficiently

Often, warehouses are designed to be flexible spaces. They are large boxes that have lofty ceilings. Part of this is for sound dampening from equipment, while another part is for flexibility when moving large pieces of equipment or materials around. However, these ceilings often end up wasting valuable vertical space that could be used for additional storage. The ultimate benefit of mezzanine is this addition can put in a second, sometimes even a third level of storage space without having to alter the overall structure of your warehouse at all.

Height Allowance

Mezzanine floors allow you to use vertical space effectively, but they do not hinder areas where a large amount of vertical space from floor to ceiling is necessary. In many warehouses, flexibility is key, and being able to potentially move a mezzanine level later can allow your operation to adapt to changes in your industry or in the flow of merchandise as time goes on.

Having a mezzanine installation performed is potentially very useful, but it should be done properly. For great advice and the best materials, contact Greystone Equipment Company today. Our experts will work to give your workspace even more space to work with.