Designing an In-Plant Office

business man in office overlooking warehouse

Having an in-plant office improves efficiency, safety, and convenience for both you and your workforce.

In Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, an in-plant office is an effective way to optimize your use of space. A modular approach to in-plant office design means that you can fit a complete, best-in-class office into your plant no matter what existing layout you have to work with.

The Advantages of Modular In-Plant Offices

It wouldn’t make sense if you had to completely reconfigure the work floor to accommodate a new office. On the other hand, modular in-plant offices are especially designed so that, with the help of expert installers, you can quickly design and stand-up an in-plant office that will function as if it has always been there.

No matter what your plant or warehouse looks like today, a modular in-plant office is a great choice.

Consider the advantages over an old-fashioned office:

1. A Modular In-Plant Office Provides Flexible Design

Whether you are simply looking for a space for yourself and your computer equipment or you need to create a dynamic workplace for a full team of support staff, a modular in-plant office can be made to match your exact requirements. There are no standard dimensions or floor plans to constrain your expectations.

2. A Modular In-Plant Office Can Be Installed Faster

By the time you know you need a separate office in your facility, time is often of the essence. It might take weeks or even months to get your office up and running if you use conventional construction methods. On the other hand, a modular in-plant office can usually be completed in a matter of days.

3. A Modular In-Plant Office Is Highly Durable

When you have heavy equipment like forklifts and delivery vehicles operating in your facility, it’s crucial to be alert to accidents. Human error is sure to happen now and then, and safety is the prime concern. With a modular in-plant office, you can easily replace any individual panel that gets damaged in an accident.

4. A Modular In-Plant Office Is More Cost-Effective

Because the modular installation process can be completed more quickly, it is usually the best option from a budget standpoint, too. No material is wasted and fewer outside personnel are needed to finalize the installation. That also makes it safer and ensures there will be minimal disruption to your operations.

Modular In-Plant Office Design Made Easy

If you need an office that will enhance your productivity and safety, Greystone Equipment Company is here to help. We exclusively use modular wall and connection system products designed by the experts at Panel Built Incorporated, one of the world’s leading modular in-plant office manufacturers for over 25 years.

With a designated office space, your administrative personnel can benefit from a secure, climate-controlled environment away from hazards like flammable liquids and heavy equipment paths. Just like playing with a Lego kit, designing an in-plant office can be as simple as knowing what you want and looking at the available pieces.

Panel Built Incorporated makes multiple different structural panel and connection system options available. Each option has been carefully engineered to meet industrial safety regulations for various plant configurations.

For example, you might choose a polystyrene core and matching polystyrene panels to benefit from lightweight construction and a high insulation R value. Or you might match your polystyrene core with honeycomb panels that vastly expand the available options for where you will install your electric, phone, and data connections.

PBI’s portfolio of in-plant office products also supports modular tall wall capabilities and allows for versatile placement of insulated windows. Offices can be raised or placed at ground level. There is truly no limit to what can be achieved, and you will never need to worry about sacrificing safety or material quality.

Greystone Equipment Company Offers the Best In-Plant Offices in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware

No matter which options you choose for your new office, you can rest easy knowing that insured independent contractors from Greystone Equipment Company will give you a quality installation. If you are not sure precisely what you need, we will be glad to help you find the right solutions.

Contact our experts with details on your workplace, safety considerations, and dimensions. We will be glad to walk you through all of your options so you can make an informed decision. Once you are sure, it is easy to set an appointment and get the ball rolling on a fast, affordable, and effective in-plant office.

From anywhere in the greater Philadelphia area, Greystone is here for you. We serve more than three dozen communities across Bucks, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties (Pennsylvania), Burlington and Camden Counties (New Jersey), and Kent and New Castle Counties (Delaware).

To find out more or get started with your office, contact us.