Are you looking for new or used pallet racks in New Jersey?

The internet has made shopping better, but there are still some items that need to be in a proximate location for easier delivery. And to ensure they work properly, some things need to be professionally installed. 

If you need pallet racks in New Jersey, be sure to work with materials management professionals before you buy.

Pallet racks are used to manage and store . . . well, just about everything. When you’re dealing with quantities of materials in-transit or on-hold, where to put them is a challenge. Pallet racks are designed to maximize your space; top-to-bottom, side-to-side space; usually in a warehouse.

If you’re looking for new or used pallet racks in New Jersey, what are your best options?

What You Need to Know: Pallet Racks in New Jersey

Before you shop for new or used pallet racks in New Jersey, you need to gather basic information. For example, in New Jersey, a distance of 18″ or more from the ceiling is required for materials storage. And your vertical clear height is a direct influence on your storage capacity. (A 36′ ceiling increases storage capacity up to 25% over a 32′ ceiling.)

In addition to safety and code requirements, the information you’ll need before buying pallet racks in New Jersey includes:

  • Equipment requirements – Forklift aisle widths, weight capacity, etc.
  • Flooring – Load-bearing capacity, drains, vents, etc.
  • Height restrictions – Tapering, HVAC vents, etc.
  • Pallet specifications – Load-bearing capacity you need for the number of materials, etc.
  • Physical dimensions – windows, doors, etc.
  • Product(s) specifications – Expiration dates, etc.

Types of Pallet Racks

The type of pallet racking system you need depends on the specifications and information you’ve gathered. Here are 3 excellent choices for pallet racks in New Jersey:

  • Double-slotted – Double-slotted racks have 2 vertical holes, side-by-side and rectangular openings for flanges and pins. If you already have a double-slotted rack in place, you know it’s durable and strong. Finding compatible double-slotted racks is the challenge. The LYNX RACK® is compatible with other double-slotted racks. It has a good safety catch that automatically locks after the beam is in place. 
  • Teardrop punch – The rack’s punch holes are teardrop-shaped. They allow beam rivets to fit tightly in the slots because the tapering allows for more friction. The Husky INVINCIBLE® has the highest load-bearing capacity and its beams are adjustable every 2″. Posts can reach as high as 46′.
  • Upright – RELIABLE® upright frames have 3″x3″ posts that extend as high as 46′. Shelf adjustability is available in 3-inch increments. The hole punches are keystone style and can accommodate other keystone-style beams. 

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