How Do I Organize My Warehouse?

Don’t do this.

“I have a system.”

How many times have you heard this from the owner of a cluttered office? And maybe they do. Maybe what seems chaotic to outsiders works for them.

But that sort of system only goes so far. You may thrive on disorder, but your warehouse needs organization to function safely and efficiently.

From ABC inventory analysis to warehouse mezzanine storage solutions, here are a few ways to make that happen.

1. The three keys to warehouse layout design

There are three key things to consider when planning the layout of your warehouse:

  • How do materials, people and traffic flow within the space?
  • Have we made sure that every product is accessible, ideally without needing to move things out of the way?
  • What’s the maximum warehouse space you need (taking into account work areas, offices, storage space, etc.)

Without these considerations, you won’t be able to properly organize your warehouse space.

2. Keep things clean

A cluttered warehouse can be a dangerous warehouse. And even if you manage to avoid accidents, clutter can cut down on productivity as workers spend valuable time trying to find things. You might also lose money, as disorganization can lead to obsolete inventory. Keep things clean and organized and you’ll keep accidents down and your efficiency levels and profits up.

3. The ABCs of inventory

Using what’s known as ABC Analysis to sort your inventory can let you better organize your warehouse. Under this system:

  • A-items are the things that sell the best and don’t take up much space or cost a lot to store
  • B-items are things that sell well but cost more to store than A-items
  • Finally, C-items are everything else: items that account for the most inventory cost but bring in the least profit

Once you’ve determined which products fall into which category, you can organize your warehouse in such a way that the A items are the easiest to access, followed by groups B and C.

4. Racking systems

Pallet rack systems are practically a must for your warehouse, allowing you to store items vertically instead of horizontally. They are the perfect storage and organization solution for businesses that have smaller warehouses and can’t afford to add more space.

In addition, rack systems give you more room on the ground for forklifts and other vehicles while also giving your employees a safer, more open place to work.

5. Mezzanine storage solutions

Warehouse mezzanines add storage space to your warehouse in the most economical feasible fashion. Industrial mezzanines turn unused space into a functional part of your warehouse, allowing you to add a second or third level to your warehouse.

And mezzanine storage solutions don’t just have to involve adding a place to keep inventory. You can use a mezzanine floor to insulate offices from your noisy warehouse, allowing you to hold meetings or conduct conference calls in a quiet space.

Adding mezzanine space to your warehouse can open up a whole new realm of storage and organization possibilities, but only with proper installation and materials.

Greystone Equipment Company has both the products and expertise your warehouse needs to best utilize its space. Contact us today to learn more about our mezzanine storage solutions.