The Benefits of Using Lista Modular Drawer Cabinets

red lista modular drawer cabinet

There’s an old saying about a cluttered desk being a sign of genius.

And while that might be true, clutter can only spread so far before it becomes a problem. A cluttered desk says “Wow, she sure keeps busy.” A cluttered office, or a cluttered warehouse says, “This place seems dangerous.”

At the very least, disorganization is bad for business. Lose track of an item, order products you don’t realize you already have, and you’re throwing away money.

That’s where modular drawer cabinets – particularly LISTA modular drawer cabinets – can come to the rescue. You’ll use less space than you would with open-shelving and increase efficiency.

Keep your workspace organized with LISTA modular drawer cabinets

These cabinets are specially designed to resolve nearly any storage issue your business is facing.

That’s because these cabinets can be fully customized to meet your company’s needs. So whether the items you need to store are standard tools or irregularly-sized or shapes objects unique to your industry, Lista can design your unit with drawers that fit your needs.

So if you need room for big tools and tiny parts and one space designed for a specific purpose, LISTA can handle that.

LISTA modular drawer cabinets come in 18 different colors, with drawers that are powder-coat finished with aluminum handles. These cabinets have a lifetime product warranty and can be custom designed through Greystone Equipment.

Added security with LISTA locking systems

LISTA offers several different keying and locking features to ensure your modular drawer cabinets are both secure but still meet your accessibility requirements.

Whether it’s a toolbox or a high-security cabinet for a hospital, LISTA has a lock mechanism for you, including mechanical and electronic locks, keys and keypad locks:

  • Core locks – These cylinder locks are available with all drawer cabinets and feature a core that’s easy to remove from the cylinder housing with the help of a release tool and is easy to replace in the field.
  • Hinged locking bars – Good for almost any application, these locks mount to either side of a drawer cabinet on the vertical housing support and can be retrofitted to existing cabinets and secured using a padlock.
  • Security panels – This system allows locks on each drawer with a central lock for the entire cabinet, letting you secure the contents of the entire cabinet even when individual drawers have been removed.
  • Hasp lock – Used with hinged and double-hinged cabinets, these locks rotate 90 degrees to disengage with the latch. Secured with a padlock.
  • Keyless keypad locks – Provides simple keyless access to cabinets, providing the ability to change access codes when necessary. These locks can be retrofitted to nearly any LISTA cabinet.

Trust Greystone Equipment for your storage needs

If you have any additional questions about LISTA modular drawer cabinets, Greystone Equipment can help. For more than 25 years, we’ve helped companies like yours streamline warehouse efficiency with our pallet racks, mezzanines, wire partitions and modular drawer cabinets.

Contact us today to find out how we can make your business a safer, more efficient and better-organized place to work.