Help! I’m Out of Warehouse Space but I Can’t Expand

A packed warehouse in need of storage solutions

An overstuffed warehouse can either be good news or bad news.

If you’re a glass-is-half-full type of person, you hear the phrase “Our warehouse is full” and think “Oh, they’re doing so well that they’ve outgrown their space.”

But there’s also the more pessimistic scenario: business has slowed down and products just aren’t moving the way you’d like.

Now, let’s add to the problem: the warehouse can’t expand. Maybe it’s just not in the budget, or maybe they’re on a piece of property that doesn’t allow them the growth they need.

Either way, they can’t add on to the building. But that doesn’t mean they’re stuck. If you’re seeking warehouse storage solutions, here are a few questions to ask yourself when you’re trying to maximize the space in your facility.

1. Can you add a mezzanine?

An ideal way to boost your warehouse space is by adding a mezzanine above your work area, a move that can almost double your floor space.

A few caveats: you need to be sure your floor can support the extra weight, and that your team will be able to work around the columns and plates that support the mezzanine.

2. Can you grow up?

One of the easiest warehouse storage solutions is to grow vertically by extending your pallet racks. Of course, this will depend on ceiling clearance and how much inventory you have. Speak with a structural engineer before you embark on a rack extension.

3. Can you add over-aisle and over-dock storage?

Adding beams over your cross-aisles can give you several new pallet positions. You can also use the space above dock doors by adding a pallet rack or a specialized over-dock system.

4. Can you shrink your aisle width?

Are you able to reduce the width of the aisles in your racking area? If so, you might be able to save some considerable space. You just need to be sure your lift equipment is capable of navigating your new, more narrow aisles.

5. Can you use trailers in the short term?

Many warehouse facilities will bring in trailers for short-term or seasonal needs, allowing them a temporary place to store things without the need for an expansion.

6. Can you change your storage medium?

Next on our list of warehouse storage solutions: switching your storage medium. This will allow for higher density equipment, such as going from a single-deep rack to a double-deep rack.

And remember that not all products move in and out at the same rate or in the same quantity, which means you should have a range of storage mediums. Some products might work better on shelving, while others would do better in a push-back pallet rack.

7. Can you find space that’s underutilized?

In some cases, warehouse storage solutions can be as straightforward as using space you hadn’t considered, even if it’s something as simple as installing shelves on an underutilized wall.

Is your team struggling to find room to store goods in your warehouse? Greystone Equipment can help. Our warehouse storage solutions include pallet racks, wire shelving, wire decks and mezzanines, all designed to improve safety and efficiency. Whether a warehouse expansion isn’t in your budget or just not feasible at the moment, we can help you make room in your facility.