4 Things to Consider with Pallet Rack Installation

industrial steel shelving holding pallet racks

Pallet racks are a vital part of any warehouse operation. But when they’re neglected, damaged or improperly installed, they can present a potentially deadly safety hazard.

Professional pallet rack installation can help you mitigate some of these safety concerns, but so can recognizing some of the more common pallet-related hazards. Here are a few things you should be on the lookout for in your warehouse.

1. Collisions

It’s an all-too-common scenario. A worker is driving a forklift down the aisles of your warehouse. They make a turn that’s too wide and crash into the pallet rack.

You can protect against collision damage by installing column protectors and end-of-aisle guards. And make things easier on your forklift operators by putting in reflectors, floor markers and other indicators and by giving them enough clearance to make turns.

2. Overloaded racks

Pallet racks are designed to hold a lot of material. However, even the most durable rack has its limits and exceeding that capacity can be dangerous. Make sure the weight capacity of your beams and uprights is properly posted and that those weights are never exceeded.

3. Fall prevention

It’s important to prevent products from falling off the back of a pallet rack. You can accomplish this by installing netting or wire mesh panels to keep skids or loose packages from slipping out and crashing to the floor below.

4. Uneven ground

Pallet rack installation should always occur on level ground. Make sure your uprights are plumb before adding load beams. Having a square, even pallet rack is essential for ensuring proper weight distribution and overall durability. And speaking of weight distribution, make sure pallets are loaded squarely on your racks, sitting across beams evenly to make sure their weight is evenly displaced.

When is it time to replace my pallet racks?

At your next inspection, look for warning signs such as:

  • Damaged beams
  • Bent beams
  • Rust or corrosion
  • Racks that are overloaded
  • Racks that are misaligned or uneven
  • Incorrect hardware

Any of these signs might indicate that it’s time to repair or replace your racks. But if the damage to your pallet racks is too extensive, it’s time to consider new pallet rack installation.

What should I consider before pallet rack installation?

Before you install new pallet racks, consider these factors:

  • The dimensions of the space where you’ll do the installation. Are there doors and windows or any obstructions nearby?
  • The height of your building. Are there sprinkler or HVAC systems in the way?
  • Product specifications and pallet specifications. If you’ll be storing products that are perishable or have some sort of expiration date, that will affect how you load and unload inventory.
  • The minimum forklift aisle widths
  • Local safety and building codes
  • The condition of your floor. Is it level? What is its load-bearing capacity?

Is your plant ready for pallet rack installation? Turn to Greystone Equipment Company. We have more than a quarter century’s experience as pallet rack installation experts for a wide range of industries. Contact us today to learn more about our wide inventory of warehouse storage solutions.