When to Replace Your Pallet Racking

man operating forklift, loading materials on pallet racking

Pallet racking is designed for durability, but it’s not indestructible. As time goes by, your racking can sustain damage, due to several different factors including:

  • Overloaded racks
  • Incorrect equipment usage
  • Racks with reduced capacity
  • Forklift damage
  • Faulty equipment

Damage to pallet racks can detrimental to your business and dangerous to your employees, which is why you need to inspect your racks regularly.

During the inspection, look for things such as:

  • Bent or damaged beams
  • Corrosion or rust
  • Overloaded, or improperly loaded, racks
  • Racks that are tilted or misaligned
  • Whether the racks are level
  • Faulty attachments or incorrect beam hardware

Based on the severity of the damage, it’s time to decide whether you need to repair or replace your pallet racking.

In some cases, a simple repair job is an option. There are a few advantages to taking this route:

  • It’s a less expensive option, particularly when dealing with custom rack designs or very tall racks
  • Repairing racks won’t cause nearly as much disruption to operations as installing new racking
  • There’s less to load and unload if you’re only installing new parts
  • It’s an easier option when repairing mid-row damages

But sometimes, replacing your pallet racking is your only option. For example:

  • If the racks aren’t too tall or too custom, replacing them might be cheaper
  • If the front and back of your rack has sustained a lot of damage, you’ll need to replace
  • Damage has occurred at various places around the racking, at different areas and different heights
  • Companies that might be planning on moving to a new location might just want to opt for new racks

If it’s time to replace your pallet racking, Greystone Equipment Company can help. We carry products from top pallet rack companies such as Steel King, Ridg-u-Rak, Interlake Equipment and Unarco.

These manufacturers each provide quality, industrial-safe racks that make operations efficient and convenient and allow you to get the most out of your storage space. Contact us today to learn more.