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Unarco Pallet Rack Systems: Quality and Sturdi-Bilt

A reliable pallet rack manufacturer is one that makes outstanding products that are practical, safe, long-lasting, and suited to accommodate your specific requirements. Unarco is one of the largest and most adaptable producers of pallet racks in the industry. It is the first warehouse pallet rack manufacturer with more than 50 years in design and engineering.

With their attentiveness to detail, Unarco has created an impressive line of storage solutions ideal for virtually any warehouse. Some of their equipment includes complex pick modules, pallet flow racks, drive-in racks, carton flow racks, push back racks, and cantilever racks. That said, one of their most well-known designs is the Studi-Bilt pallet rack system.

Sturdi-Bilt infographic

Known as the original pallet rack, Unarco’s Sturdi-Bilt features an innovative safety wedge lock system. It has durable beams and uprights that are equipped with corner slots. Furthermore, the rack can be adjusted vertically in increments of 3 inches to meet different demands.

Regardless of the size of your warehouse or your storage needs, Unarco pallet rack systems are highly flexible and will assist you in your goal to obtain the most out of your company’s storage productivity. You can expect safe, dependable, durable and trouble-free products that deliver optimal operational effectiveness.