The Advantages of a Modular In-Plant Office

woman working in modular in-plant office

At your plant, you and your employees seem to occupy two different worlds.

They’re down on the floor, in a busy environment, moving goods in and out, going about their day.

Meanwhile, you’re in an office in another part of the plant. When someone on the floor has a question, or needs to register a complaint, they need to trek to the other side of the building to see you.

It’s not the most efficient system, plus you’re always left wondering what’s going on with your workers when you’re not around.

Have we described your workplace? Do you wish there was another way to operate?

There is: It’s called a modular in-plant office. Read on to find out some of the advantages of installing one of these offices in your facility.

1. A modular in-plant office improves efficiency

Having an in-plant office will allow you to get an up-close, more detailed view of how your workers do their jobs. You’ll be able to give them better feedback.

At the same time, your employees are likely to be more productive when they know you’re nearby watching, even if you aren’t actually watching their every move.

This isn’t to say that you’re trying to punish your employees for screwing up. On the contrary, having a modular in-plant office lets you recognize the workers who are going the extra mile and reward them down the road for their hard work.

2. You can spot safety risks

There might be any number of safety concerns facing your employees. Maybe it’s a hazard that’s gone unchecked, or a part of the building that needs maintenance, or a new employee who has yet to receive proper training.

When you have a modular in-plant office, you’ll have an easier time identifying potential risks to your workers than you would working in an office that’s out of the way and find out ways to improve safety for your entire workforce.

3. A modular in-plant office can improve communication

Like we indicated above, having an in-plant office can let you improve communication between your front office and the workers on the floor. You’ll be able to respond to issues on the production floor quickly, whether it’s downtime or delays to more serious emergencies.

4. A modular in-plant office doesn’t have to function as an office

Your modular in-plant office doesn’t solely have to function as an office. When you install one in your facility, you’ll have a bright, climate-controlled room you can use as a meeting space, break room or observation deck for people visiting the plant.

5. It won’t cost as much

If you’re planning on adding office space to your plant, a modular in-plant office might serve as a more cost-effective option. Rather than paying for heavy construction, you’ll have a pre-fabricated office that can be installed inside of a week.

Does a modular in-plant office seem like a good fit for your company? If so, contact Greystone Equipment, where we sell offices from Panel Built Incorporated, specially designed for flexibility, durability and ease of installation.

Get in touch with our team today, and we’ll discuss which modular in-plant options are right for you. We’re confident we have something that will transform your workplace.