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Cogan has been providing top-of-the-line wire partitions, cantilever racking, mezzanines, guardrails and lockers for over 100 years. Their commitment to customer service and continual improvement is matched only by our own. They strive to provide superior storage solutions and high-performance products that will not only meet your needs, but exceed your expectations. At Greystone Equipment Company, we have earned our reputation as a leading distributor and installer of premier storage equipment by only providing equipment we can trust. If we wouldn’t use it in our warehouse, we won’t ask our clients to. With that in mind, we are proud to offer Cogan products to our customers in the tristate area.


Cogan partitions are perfect for an endless range of small or large infrastructure needs on construction sites and in warehouses. Constructed from structural steel, they are reliable and cost-effective solutions for safeguarding your equipment and inventory. In addition, a wire mesh partition that is entirely constructed of steel means that it will require less maintenance, as it is resistant to wear. This exceptional level of quality and wear resistance makes Cogan wire mesh partitions the most economical and efficient storage solution on the market.

At Greystone Equipment Company, the Cogan wire mesh partitions we feature are equipped with a 10-gauge, 2 inch x 2 inch welded wire mesh frame that is made from structural steel. This ensures a high level of security, extreme resiliency, complete light penetration, and good ventilation for the wire mesh partition.

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Mezzanines are a cost-effective way to quickly and efficiently make unused space functional, as they can easily add a second or third level to your warehouse interior. These space-creating units can also be used in parts departments, offices, retail locations, stock rooms, and locker rooms. As a mezzanines distribution and installation company, we provide a variety of Cogan mezzanines that can be utilized for any of these applications and more.

Cogan mezzanines can be custom-engineered to meet your precise storage requirements. As a mezzanines company, Cogan’s has decades of experience in ensuring that their modular components can be adapted as needed, as well as easily dismantled, moved and expanded upon, so they can continue to grow with your business. Their mezzanines will convert wasted vertical space into a lucrative storage area, regardless of your industry or application. The design and layout experts at Greystone Equipment Company will help you to create the warehouse space of your dreams. We will customize Cogan products to meet the exact area, height, and load requirements of your facility, and we will install them for you too!

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Cogan’s durable, versatile, and reasonably priced guardrail barriers offer reliability and security within the workplace, helping to ensure the safety of your employees, your products, and your profits. While there are a number of applications where Cogan guardrails can be utilized, they are guaranteed to provide constant protection. These products can be used as rack-aisle end guardrail barriers, conveyor guardrail barriers, loading dock guardrail barriers, machinery guardrail barriers, cooling equipment guardrails, office guardrails, computer control center guardrails, and mezzanine guardrails.

The guardrail barriers designed by Cogan have redefined guardrail safety. They feature bolted guardrail connections and security caps on every post, and are equipped with a safety-yellow, powder-coated durable paint finish to improves visibility and make them stand out in your space. As an added benefit, Cogan’s guardrail barriers are easy to put together, so you don’t have to worry about expensive installation fees.

The guardrail barriers come in three main types: