Mod Squad: Why Modular Solutions are In Style

from large-scale warehouses like this 3D rendering to small business stockrooms, modular solutions are the way to go

Today’s warehouses are struggling to meet the needs of the business. Admittedly, managing warehouse storage has not fundamentally changed since the unprecedented growth in e-commerce sales over the last decade. As a result, these spaces have become far too small to accommodate all the items stored within them. The solution lies in how people use their existing space more effectively by designing an adaptable structure that can be easily modified without losing its previous configuration or compromising costs. That means that it should be possible to add new dimensions and lines of storage at short notice without interrupting current activity within the warehouse. These modular solutions are ideal for today’s lean enterprises because of the following benefits:

1) Flexible storage

In a traditional warehouse, items are stored on shelves with specific slots allocated for each item. That means that companies either need to order the exact number of each item they will need ahead of time or pay for extra space to accommodate potential future orders.

The modular solutions utilized by many automated warehouses use vertical carousels (also known as mezzanines), which can be easily modified to hold various types of products. When using this method, businesses only need to place an order for the exact number of each type of product they anticipate needing. They do not have to worry about overstocking or wasting money on empty spaces that aren’t put to use. Furthermore, employees have an easier time finding products because they don’t have to search through many separate shelves.

2) Increase warehouse efficiency

One of the main ways modular solutions can increase productivity is by streamlining warehouse loading and unloading processes. With traditional warehouses, trucks are unloaded one at a time, so goods are not damaged. That can take an extended period if supplies are brought in from various suppliers or foreign manufacturers. Therefore, workers need to find everything they need before starting their tasks and bring them back to their designated areas as soon as possible. The modular approach allows employees to work more efficiently since all inventory might be loaded onto platforms that move automatically throughout the building. Such a case explains why the leading business magazine in the UK, Business Matters, included it as a top trend for 2021.

3) Technology makes the process more efficient

Technology such as Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) tags can track items in automated warehouses. Workers can receive order notifications when products arrive on platforms at the loading bay or when their designated locations become available if they are already near that area. That allows employees to work with very little downtime throughout each day and reduces the time it takes them to find items when they are needed for a task.

Employees also have access to detailed information about all inventory at any given time, so it is easy to find specific products within an automated warehouse because of this technology. Furthermore, tracking devices can be used in case of product recalls or if theft is a concern. For instance, the technical electronic workstations sold by Greystone Equipment Company can increase your effectiveness and work rate with work surfaces that have electrical outlets and are electrostatic dissipative. Other products we carry include:

  • Sink cabinets
  • Stands and trolleys
  • Mezzanines
  • Control stations
  • Overhead cabinets
  • Mobile workbenches
  • Ergonomic seating
  • File drawer cabinets

4) Increased security

Automated warehouses provide increased security because almost everything moves along tracks and is monitored by cameras, so it’s easy to control who has access to certain areas at specific times. If a worker tries to exit the door with the products they did not receive via shipment, they will be unable to do so. Further, security guards can monitor activity throughout the building, making it easier to catch thieves before taking off with valuable items.

5) Improved safety

Since most work done in an automated warehouse is carried out by machines instead of humans, workers can experience less strain on their bodies due to repetitive tasks and other issues that may come up over time. Also, since goods are moved via platforms or lifts, employees don’t have to transport items often, decreasing potential pain/strain associated with heavy lifting.

Further, because materials are kept at storage areas that are closest to the area where they will be used (rather than having them sit around in another part of the building where there is more room), it’s also possible for less clutter to accumulate. Workers won’t get tripped up by boxes or other supplies while looking for what they need. For instance, the Greystone Equipment Company can offer you the storage solution you require, including shelf-converter systems, CNC tool storage, mobile cabinets, storage wall systems, and drawer storage cabinets.

6)  Productivity increases

Automated warehouses allow employers to keep track of all inventory at all times, making it possible for them to send the right materials to each worker who needs them and avoid idle time that they would otherwise spend searching through shelves. That allows employees to work quickly and efficiently since they don’t have to search through many separate areas to find what they need. With faster production, business owners save money on operating costs, such as energy bills and warehouse maintenance, which can add up over time. Also, robots can work around the clock without needing breaks, making it easier to meet customer demands.

Modular solutions offer numerous benefits to companies that need a flexible and scalable solution to their shipping and receiving needs. Whether you’re a large or small facility, modular systems offer an excellent way of maximizing your available space by adding on new layers as you expand without having to move equipment or rebuild from scratch. Contact us today for more information about these products and for assistance with designing a modular setup that specifically meets your company’s unique requirements.