Interlake Pallet Rack

A Leader in Kent County Storage Equipment

Greystone Equipment Company is a leader in providing material handling and storage equipment to Kent County businesses. They sell and install new and used pallet racks, wire partitions, mezzaninesmodular drawer cabinets and pallet rack systems.

Decades of Expertise in Material Handling in Kent County

For more than 25 years, we’ve been offering excellent material handling equipment and excellent customer service to companies throughout the southeastern Pennsylvania area.

Decades of experience in the industry allows us to identify the means to production efficiency in your warehouse setting through our line of material handling equipment in Kent County. Our expert staff can assist you in designing and laying out your warehouse, while our professional pallet rack installers can help you install a powder coating to your shelving or assist you in dismantling older/unnecessary systems. If you need cantilever racks, metal shelves or any material handling or storage equipment in Kent County, Greystone Equipment Co. is ready to help.

Pallet Rack Installation in Kent County

We pride ourselves on allowing you to keep your company running smoothly while our skilled pallet rack installation team does its job. Our material handling and storage equipment industry experience allows us to offer other valuable services, from warehouse consultants who can help expedite delivery to forklift rentals, repairs and safety training. Our team offers unique insights into the installation process as well as the necessary equipment, allowing us to do the job with speed and efficiency while you run your business.

About Kent County DE

Located in the central portion of Delaware, Kent County was originally named for the English county of the same name. It was initially settled by the English in the late 17th century, and was considered part of William Penn’s Delaware Colony. Kent spent most of its history as a small grain farming region, though it gained renown in the mid-20th century when NASA space suits were manufactured in the area. The median household income in the county was $53,183, and the estimated population of the entire county was estimated to be 173,533 as of 2015.