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Interlake pallet racking systems are a leading brand and very popular style of pallet racks. You can purchase Interlake pallet racking in two different styles, the new style or the old style. However, while the new style beams are compatible with any teardrop upright, the old style beams will not fit the new style uprights. Interlake also manufactures a shaved pin style beam connector that works with both the new and old style pallet racking systems. Making sure that all of your systems work together can be confusing, that’s why we provide experienced warehouse consultants who can help design the layout of your facility, as well as professional installation crews to complete your Interlake pallet racking system set-up.

storage equipment and pallet racksThe best way to pick an Interlake equivalent is to know as much as possible about the Interlake pallet rack systems, so that you can easily compare the features and functionalities when shopping. The most popular design of pallet rack systems is the tear-drop style, which is useful for a number of applications in many industries. When looking for an Interlake systems equivalent, you should definitely consider one that is compatible with this style. The tear-drop style of pallet racks feature a number of specific characteristics, such as:While Interlake is renowned for its durability, many companies in need of pallet rack systems seek out Interlake equivalents in order to save money. At Greystone Equipment Company, we want to make sure the equivalent system you choose is just as reliable, and that the features are comparable, so that you do not need to sacrifice quality to save a few dollars.

Pallet Rack Systems

  • Locking Systems – help prevent damage from tampering and accidental disengagement.
  • Vertically Adjustable – the system’s welded uprights can be adjusted in 2-inch increments to accommodate different requirements.
  • Reliability and Rigidity – the beam-to-frame construction offers unsurpassed dependability and inflexibility.
  • Durability – the baked-on enamel is long-lasting.
  • Compatibility – can be used with a variety of different systems, both in the new and old styles.

As a leading storage equipment and pallet racks company in Pennsylvania, we offer a wide variety of excellent storage solution products. By knowing what qualities and features to look for in Interlake pallet rack systems, you will find the perfect Interlake equivalent offered by many other reputable and reliable brands, at a price that is more suitable to your budget.