Applications & Benefits of Rolling Ladders

Rolling Ladders in Pennsylvania & New JerseyYou can find rolling ladders at work in many different settings.

Trucking companies can use them to perform inspections on the tops of trailers, and we’ve even heard of them being used by theaters to maintain their screens and zoos to feed large or aggressive animals.

But one of the places where rolling ladders – or rolling stairs – can do the most good is in your warehouse, which generally have very high shelving and racking systems.

If you’ve been using traditional step ladders to access goods in your warehouse, it may be time to think about making a switch. Rolling ladders provide several benefits, offering mobility and safety while helping you increase productivity.

Some of the benefits of rolling ladders include:

1. They are OSHA compliant

Ladders are a major contributor to workplace accident statistics, with falls from ladders leading to dozens of deaths and thousands of injuries each year. In 2014, the Centers for Disease Control reported that 43 percent of all fatal falls in the previous 10 years had involved a ladder.

Rolling ladders are OSHA compliant, meeting the government’s safety regulations for employees using a ladder to access inventory. With a ladder, you can ensure your employees avoid ladder-related accidents at work.

2. They are customizable

Rolling ladders come in various heights, allowing you to get to hard-to-reach areas and shelves that are just over head. Some manufacturers can even design custom ladders to solve unique conditions.

3. They are portable

More to the point, they are easy to move. You’ll make things simpler for your employees with a ladder than can roll from places to place in your warehouse, rather than having to collapse/unfold a ladder every time you need to relocate it.

But although they are easy to shift around, rolling ladders come with locksteps to prevent them from moving when you don’t want them to move.

4. They are sturdy

Rolling ladders are as durable as the stairs in your own home, made to withstand the wear and tear of life in a warehouse and other industrial settings.

If all of this sounds right for your workplace, Greystone Equipment Company can help.

We carry rolling safety ladders from Ballymore, made from both aluminum and steel. With capacities of up to 400 pounds, these ladders are powder coated, available with a variety of step materials and feature an easy-to-use pedal-activated lockstep.

In addition to warehousing, you’ll find these ladders in hospitals, banks, libraries and the pharmaceutical industry, with applications that include order picking (especially with high-rise shelving) access lighting and ceiling panels.

Ballymore can design custom ladders to fit your workplace, with a variety of thread options, including serrated, perforated, solid ribbed mat and expanded metal. Their ladders meet OSHA and ANSI standards, and can be shipped set up or knocked down.

Contact Greystone today to learn more. We look forward to helping you find the ladder that’s right for you and your workplace.